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Standard or Tactical Muzzle Brake, that is the question

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AI experts out there please help

AI muzzle break yes, but is it the standard or tactical version,

I cant screw the cap off as its very tight, so before I ask an engineering shop to muller it for me can anyone ID it from the pics or the 4316 code on the side??

it came with a 2017 AX308

Many thanks 



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I thought the standard AI muzzle thread was 18 x 1.5mm.. 

Try soaking it in some CLR..

I tried some recently to clean my muzzle brakes after watching a Erik Cortina video and it's brilliant..

Kills the carbon in a few minutes and wipes away  effortlessly..

Brakes are fiddly to clean..!!

Not anymore..!!

I've only used it on stainless brakes not painted ones...!!


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That’s the tactical because the front portion is threaded to accept a moddy.

The thread protector on the front, are you unscrewing it the correct way? Remember AI is left hand tightening (anti clockwise), not right hand tightening (clockwise) like most normal threads.

If you’re doing it the wrong way, you’ll be tightening it on ever more, but thinking you’re trying to unscrew it.

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