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I am thinking about getting a LRF for use when deer stalking, in both woodland and open hill settings.  I would be very grateful for any recommendations about the various offerings on the market, including Leica, Zeiss, Kahles and other brands, based on your experience of the relevant brand of LRF.

Many thanks in advance.

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So what max distance are we talking about here? Near anything will work at sub 300yds but a deer at 600+ yds with flat featureless ground behind them is a very different story.

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I would suggest looking at the Leupold, Nikon, Leica rangefinders, something that will range out to 800-1200 yards should be plenty.

get one with an illuminated readout so you can see the range in bad light

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I’ve recently started using a set of range finder binos for stalking which I’ve found are great you get the best of both worlds, I’ve been using the delta ones 

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If you have the budget go straight in for Leica new style , Zeiss or Swarovski. I’ve upgraded from Leica old style in yards to new Swarovski el 10x40 and found them streets ahead in optical performance. Leupold or zeiss and Leica do nice handheld rangefinders with angle compensation for real line of sight distance s a bit cheaper . Led red display helps to be visible in low light as I’ve found LCD black can be hard to see in dim light .buy  once cry once. Enjoy 

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I too have the ziess range finder and it's top quality.

I've been undecided on exchanging my 10x42 el's and the ziess rangefinder for some EL ranges.

One thing less too carry..

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There was a very similar thread on our (NZ) forum recently. Like this one, there were all sorts of suggestions but the reality with your very basic needs is that damn near anything will work long as you're not shooting up or down significant slopes, eg more than say 25 degrees.

One reply in our local thread I identify with- the guy suggested one of the Aliexpress models, eg Sndway, which would be about 45 quid for you guys delivered. I use Leica Geovids for hunting and my gunsmith buddy Swaro RF binos. Both of us are also into PCPs and we each got a clone of the Sndways at that price I gave. Both of us were stunned as to the bang for buck the Chinese ones deliver. We were side by side at his place and ranged a sheep up the hill - both gave identical readings, roughly 450yds away. Tried another sheep at about 600- same result within of course a couple of yds.

The local guy had bought his as an interim measure but has stuck with the unit as it does all he wants as he never gets out past 400yds apparently. I wouldn't ever say I'd sell the Geovids but it gives you a cheap option if you can live with the basic optics.


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