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A Weekend Away


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Well after 2 years of waiting to be allowed out to play the planets aligned .

Flights on offer at 29.99 return (plus the seat booking fees of £4 each way, wouldnt let me stand  )

Slack time work wise

Pass isued by the managment

Double jabbed

Czech accepting UK residents .


Mask on and a drive to Stanstead  heading to Brno 

Met by Dave at the airport (2hours later ) and off for some food then to the accomadation .

Pick up after breakfast and down to the range ,

My choice was to get back into the pistol shooting  (bit rusty after 2 years )  and was using a Shadow 2 with optics  (maybe my compact 75 needs retiring ) . Decided my grip isnt good as my thumbs get in the way so worked on that with a few differnt drills ( dont tell Craig i borrowed his holster )

Day 2 was carbine time with a bit of shooting with the MP5  going through some drills and ending up with a speed shooting 11 target (1 moving ) timed shoot (4.7 something )  while being totally out classed by Dave with his Sig MPX .Was told the Sig was quicker (he  was clocking 3.17 ) He was right managed a 3.74 3 times on the bounce with the Sig .


Last day was  a quick refresh before heading to the Airport  and the normal side of life ..


If youve not tried it just do it 

Note i choose to limit my choices weapon wise but far more is available  Glocks CZ in a variety of flavours  some mix of carbines and a belt fed antique (if it floats your boat )

Enclosed some pics below  (i think i hid the ones of me )





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1 hour ago, brown dog said:

Damn - that’s about the same cost as catching a train to Birmingham 😳

That Sig carbine looks spot on.

I was suprised how moch faster i was with the Sig to the old school MP5  , As always i was the limiting factor  lol .

Certainly is a lot of gear to choose from  will be trying to get back before Christmas 

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BD, the beauty of the Sig mpx is that it’s piston driven, not direct blown back so avoids the excessive bolt mass and recoil of typical AR 9 platforms. The Mp5 delayed roller locking system is also nice but slower in use.

The mpx AR15 compatibility and it’s general modularity make it a very  overall good system. My biggest criticism is the 13.5x1 LH muzzle thread that really needs an adapter to use common suppressor thread sizes ( eg 14x1 RH). It’s doable with 18x1 RH adapter or tri-lug. I’m trying GIS and A-ATec suppressors at the moment. The jury is still out on that one but the hardest bit is finding a super strong high temperature thread locker. Sig do a dedicated Mpx suppressor which would be the way to go but I have not seen these in Europe.

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  • 11 months later...

Just an update to this   booked up and went again in April (2022)  with two guys from a club i belong to , hoped i hadnt overhyped it ......

Must have got something right  as one guy came again this trip ( End sept 2022) while the other one is coming next year  ..

Confirmed my romance with a shadow 2 and its got my name on it  .

Things to look forward to next year ...

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