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M-PRO 7 Gun Cleaner,


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Best carbon remover I’ve ever used, and still use, is CLR.

ive tried all the usual suspects (Hoppes 009, C2R, Boretech xyz etc) but CLR actually works very wel.

Sadly it’s only available from the US and comes in large containers, but not overly expensive and will last a lifetime. Literally my first patch comes out foaming instantly, I can see even very stubborn carbon being dissolved with ease. My second patch comes out almost totally clean. Third patch is dry and comes out clean. Bore looks lovely.

Its apparently totally fine to use on stainless barrels, not that I leave it in there as I have no need - it cleans so quickly.

It doesn’t eat the copper though, but I use Sweets for that and only when my barrel tells me when I need to do so.

I got mine off eBay, shipped from the US.

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CLR is fine on stainless barrels, just be careful if your barrel is blued as it’ll start to take the finish off.

After running some patches through the bore and everything looks clean, I use a dry patch to soak up any remaining CLR, then neutralise any remaining CLR with either some Hoppes 009 or Corrosion X, which I use a light film of to coat and protect the bore before going into the cabinet. 

Good piece about CLR here:


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