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Air Pistol

Nick 53

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looking for a suitable Non FAC Air Pistol for the use as humane dispatch, it’s for mainly Rats caught in cage traps or Squirrels caught in cage traps. 
does anyone know what is suitable and in what calibre.

thanks Nick

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Bsa scorpions are circa 200 second hand 


Good pistol for dispatch of greys so long as you use a trap comb 

Not used the crossman - was that sold as the “rat buster” years ago ?

Webley hurricane another decent little air pistol 


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5 hours ago, les said:

One of the few pistols that comes close to the legal 6fpe limit is the Crosman 2240. It also has the advantage of being one of the cheapest. It comes in .22 only.

 Info here:

Runs on CO2, so performance can be affected by temperature, although for your needs that shouldn't be an issue, but I'd treat the power claims with a pinch of salt.  The BSA scorpion is a heavy lump to carry round, tempests, hurricanes and typhoons are getting quite pricey due to collectors status

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On 9/15/2021 at 9:49 PM, Nick 53 said:

My 2 air pistol I’m looking at are Crossman 2400

 or SMK Cp1-m Co2


They are both good pistols. The 2240 is single shot, the CP1-m is magazine or single. They are both in the 5fpe+ range, and either one should do the job.

Have you considered a 12fpe air rifle? There is a bigger choice, and a lot more chance of guaranteeing a humane dispatch.

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Hi I do have a Air Rifle weirauch 97 in 22 but in need of a pistol.

I was offered a .177 cp1-m but not sure if .177 is suitable?


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I’ve used a .177” CO2 pistol loaded with flat-head wadcutter pellets. At “powder burn” range, its power level is academic.

Distract Ratty by pushing a twig or piece of paper through the bars for him to attack; then, when he’s chewing on that, give him the good news in the top of the head. Job done.

(Hint: Place the trap & live rat inside a large plastic bag - l use one of those charity collection bags that come through the letter box about ten times per day - as Ratty will flop and spurt for a good while. Saves cleanup time.)

maximus otter

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2 minutes ago, Nick 53 said:

What about killing rats within suitable range 

is the a suitable close quarter range ?




Air pistols are neither powerful nor accurate enough to hunt rats. Nor, l would imagine, could you shoot accurately enough. You’d maim or cripple twenty for every one you killed, and that’s not what we’re about.

maximus “Former high level pistol competitor” otter

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