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Apologies if this has been covered elswhere but the forum seach function seems a bit sick.

I've put in a variation for a 300prc for shooting out to one mile plus. it will probally have a minimum of a 26inch barrel. Im thinking of using berger hybrids but im unsure as the weight and powder combo.  (I've a prefernece for either Viht or RS as they both seem available at Bisley) any advice or sugestions?

(Oh and the reson Im asking now is I need to put in a large order for some other bits and Im trying to save on carraige!)

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I've been using RS76 with Berger hybrid 220 in 300 prc, raw chrono figures (not entirely sure what was going on some of the numbers look too high):

78.5gr 2755 2757 2781 2790 2771

79.0gr 2794 2793 2792 2792 2801

79.5gr 2957 2957 2844 2849 2831

80.0gr 2846 3165 2838 2832 2834

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Yes, Bergara Wilderness. No complaints about accuracy but the barrel rusts like no other I've ever owned, so I have to clean it religiously and store it with a swab of oil.

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  1. A rather steep £950,  which buys you the Stainless and Cerakote barrel, the Premier action and a TriggerTech trigger, plus a few other minor upgrades. I think its also assembled in the States which may explain some of the uplift.  Expensive I know but alternative options are few.
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Not sure yet  as the rifle hasnt arrived yet , but I have fired a 300WinMag with a moderator, and while it was much more noticable than my 6.5CM  it was certainly managable, plus I'll add weight till Im happy, it only has to get from the car to the firing point,  Im not a hunter 🙂



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Just to wrap this thread up, the Bergara was supposed to arrive early Jan, it didn’t!  Gave up on that and basically thought F*I* buy once cry once. Now I’m have Mik build me a Bernard action, Bartlein barrel, Dolphin Stock single shot 300PRC.  Ive been up to Lincolnshire and seen all the bits so at least I know it exists!  The one compromise i will have to make is to forgo the new scope for a while and use an spare Votex Viper I already have.

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