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Hi all, Iv'e been using H380 for a good while and have about half a tub left, I shoot a Finnlite with 50g Hornaday.

As it's no longer available what is everyone else using and what result are you getting?

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Vhitavuori N135 here.
With a 50gn Sierra SP (#1330) I get around 3580fps from 34.6gr - my loads will differ from yours and you should really work up from a lower charge wieght and check for pressure signs etc.

I also load with N140 for the 55gn with a 36gr charge, again this may not be safe in your rifle so use the reccomended load charges from the Vhitavuori website.

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I've been using N140 for over 20yrs its very consistent and lasts a long time with powder loads in the mid to late  30s grn - along with 52 grn bergers and nosler 55grn Btips  


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