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Lapua 139gr scenar

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Superb bullet in my 260 to way past 1000 yards

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All I use in my 6.5 creedmoor, great bullet to 1000 yards which is the furthest I’ve used them for.

My Brass is Lapua small rifle primer, I use CCI 450 primers and RS62 exclusively and get on a typical 1000 yard shoot just under 1 moa grouping with my 24” 1:8 barrel.

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This is my data which I posted in another thread:

Subject to the usual caveat:  this is my load, in my rifle, it may be unsafe in your rifle !  Proceed with usual caution.

 Ruger RPR (24 inch barrel)139 Scenars, Federal primer, Hornady brass (but about to change to Lapua small primer), using 41.5 grs of Viht N160 


Load testing as follows (all using 139 Scenars, Federal primer, Hornady brass, Viht N160):

41.0grs: 2536, 2596, 2592, = 2574.7ft/s at barrel;

41.5grs: 2616, 2612, 2616 = 2614.6ft/s at barrel (this was the most accurate load in my RPR);

42.0grs: 2587, 2634, 2636 = 2619ft/s at barrel

42.5grs: 2679, 2670, 2658 = 2669ft/s at barrel

43.0grs: 2700, 2683, 2695  = 2692.6ft/s at barrel

43.5grs: 2723, 2712, 2729, = 2721.3ft/s at barrel


 AI AT (26 inch barrel)139 Scenars, Federal primer, Norma or Starline brass (large primer since my AI has the larger firing pin), using 43.6grs of Viht N160.


Load testing as follows (all using 139 Scenars, Federal primer, Norma or Starline brass, Viht N160):

41.5grs: 1753, 1735, 1727, 1753, 1739, 1722, 1745, 1768, 1748, 1745ft/s  = 1743.5ft/s at 600 yard electronic target;

42.5grs: 2722, 2701, 2707 = 2710ft/s at barrel;

43.6grs: 2789, 2776, 2782 = 2782ft/s at barrel;

43.6grs: 1655, 12689, 1667, 1657, 1689 = 1671.4ft/s at 800yard electronic target.


Although, I have just bought 100 Lapua large primer cases, since I believe that they haven't been available too long.

Both the above rifles are shot at distances between 200 - 1000 yards 

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As per SMLE,

They’re all I use in my 6.5CM AI AT.

Yeah there’s better bullets ballistically, but they don’t shoot as well for me, and at 1000yds then shoot incredibly well (with the 136 Scenar L a close, but much more costly second).

My load is Lapua SRP Brass, BR4 primers, 42gr H4350.

Slowly working my way through a box of 1000 139Scenars, and think I’ll pick up another shortly. 

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Just tryed some of these so far very impressed got low SD and ES and going at 2767, using RS62 LRP, CCI Br2, can push them a lot faster as well, but got a good node, so going to try them out at distance soon 

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