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Ramshot Wild Boar vs X-Terminator

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Hi folks,

Looking for some advice on loading my .223 Rem.

Bullets I want to use are:

55gr FMJ-BT (Usually buy bulk pack Hornady but inclined to buy whatever is on offer of that ilk)

55gr Nosler E-Tips (their non-lead hunting bullet)

60gr Sierra Tipped Match Kings (longer range fun)

Any thoughts on whether Wild Boar or X-terminator would be better?

I like ball powders for the .223 Rem as by far my highest roundcount is for running deer / positional shooting at the British Sporting Rifle Club and for that ball powders help with quick measuring and loading. (I used to use TAC and got great results with 65gr Sierra Gamekings but now shooting lighter bullets and I find I’m not getting the cleanest ignition.)

Thanks in advance,


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