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Gents I’ve currently got an Atlas BT10 on my 6.5cm but I’m finding not been able to lock the pan and tilt a bit irritating. The Pan I can live with but even with the knob locked down as tight as I can, closing and opening the bolt tilts the rifle. If I am to get something different  I’d also like something with a bit wider footprint.   Any suggestions. < £300
My other question is the Atlas attaches to the front of my GRS stock with  a spigot. Is this a custom fitting unique to GRS and any ideas on if its possible to move it to another bipod?

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There are just so many bipods on the market now, that no one can possibly try them all and give you a balanced opinion. However, I have an Atlas BT10 and also a Phoenix/Fortmeir, which I find to be nice and wide and stable.

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Used to like my Harris then moved up to the accuracy international bipod this was great and lockable / tension adjustable. Finally settled on the fortmeir or Phoenix bipod - my accuracy increased possibly due to it sliding rather than pivot and rising and falling . Less wobbly bits will help  . Good luck with your choice. 

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Just remembered GRS do a very nice version with flip over smooth or grippy feet , pricey but top class all available at spuds web 

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