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SEB Joypod issue (rocking)

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I bought a SEB Joypod (2nd gen with the moving skis) about a year ago (after waiting 10 months!) and am now finding that it rocks backwards and forwards (in the direction of shooting). This results in vertical spread on the target.

The plate which attaches to the pic rail on the rifle is solid but it appears to be the sub-assembly below which is no longer stationary and has quite a bit of play (in the direction of shooting).

There does not appear to be anything external which could be tightened so I assume it is an internal issue of some kind.

Does anyone else have the issue or, more importantly , know how to fix the issue?


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There's plenty of FTR shooters on here who can answer this..

Most shoot off a board of some description or the sandbag thing you can buy with the joypod.

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I stripped it down and checked all the PTFE strips etc. 
Seb is great for advice but if you do this do it when you’ve got plenty of space and time as there are many fiddly bits to go missing 

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Hello cdrsss,

                         I have just bought one of these rest and I used it at the weekend and found that it too is rocking back and fourth! Not what I was expecting from a £500 piece of kit! So I'm watching your thread with interest.

I'll try phoning Brian Fox (the supplier) to see if there is a fix. 



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Hello All,

                  I gave this new Bi-pod a good run at the Euro's and I can say it didn't affect the accuracy of the rifle. A couple of the current GB squad gave me some pointers and after taking on board what they said I bought a metal plate for the sled's to run on. This made a huge difference! 

Still a bit fiddly to set up and use but that'll get easier with use. The fact that so many accomplished shooters are using these to very good effect, tells me it's the "operator" and not the Bi-pod that needs "tuning"! 



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I had similar issues with rocking, I now use the legs to bring up the height and  then wind up the screw slightly to adjust the fore end I’ve noticed if the 2 levers aren’t tight to lock the fore end it does rock ! It works for me and spent a few hours playing with rest until I got it right .

 Thanks Nick

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