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SO whats the story with these , seem so similar , that one will replace the other , like VHS / Beta ? , so which is going to be  the ONE , I know the AXSR is USA only , and the AX MKIII is the rest of the World ?


Anyone have info on this  ?


Cheers  Chris





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Chris, both are in production depending on where you live. Obviously as you said the ASR was made for the US market / solicitation. So if you live in the US you will get an ASR, if you live in the U.K. or Europe you will get an AX Mk.III. 

So won’t be a case of which one will win. Differences seen below:




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Yeah , Still confused , as in  the AI brochure 2020 , it shows a " AX MKIII " , with what looks like a 2 posn ASR/AXSR  ambi safety , then in writing says " 3 posn safety " , and its doesn't mean if not in the USA , I will get the MKIII , I could always import one from the USA .

Its as clear as MUd , to me right now .

Whats in the brochure I like , just unsure what I will get once ordered ?

Things , I donot want , a stupid weak , non-flush MLok handguard , let the Yanks have that .

Also donot want a small muzzle thread interface , on a magnum cal gun , the yanks can have the silly small 5/8 dia .

5/8 is OK on smaller dia barrels and non magnum cals as far as I am concerned .

RE the trigger , donot know enough about either the Comp or STD trigger to know whats best for field use ?

In reguards the bolt 3posn or the stock 2posn ambi , donot know whats Best , I have heard that the rifle cycles smoother on the stock 2posn safety for some reason .

Cheers  Chris




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Chris, I think the two position safety is AR style and 3 position on the bolt ( traditional AI).

 I don’t want to be an early adopter of a non-bonded action ( can argue until the cows come home about the perceived advantages / disadvantages of that) but bedding and glue-ins have been the way forward for benchrest.

If you don’t  want M-Lock, you may be better served with an Arca alloy forend ( ones here are made from 7075 alloy - fit AX also) and AR 15 grip module on an AXMC for less cash. I did this but then again I already had an AXMC.



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Hi ,


I have a couple of AIs , AW 308 , and a AX338 , I have a AT & AX308 coming already , COVID delay , Like the look of the AXSR/AX MKIII , just trying to get a better handle on the specs of each , as I can get either a MKIII or AXSR , the photo in AI 2020 brochure shows a 2posn safety , But the words say 3posn safety , in short the photo does not match the description ?

Thanks for the AX rail info .

The non-bedded aspect , maybe or maybe not , seemed important when AI did IT , But they have said they have never bedded the 50 BMGs ? , so may not be as important or similar to benchrest round bottoms , as AI use square bottom and more bolts , 4 over just 2 ?, more bolts , more square precise bottom matting surfaces , may right in no real need ?

I am more concerned over the bolt & receiver being totally changed over the AX338/AXMC , the receiver has been substanically lightened & the bolt is changed ? , I hope this has no negative impact on the smooth cycling ? , as the AX338 has been a super smooth rifle in 338LM , and I presume so has the AXMC .


Cheers  Chris

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Just read the brochure again , it says 3posn side safety , so maybe the photo is right , I thought ONLY 2 types , 3posn bolt & 2posn side safety , looks like a 3rd type , 3posn side safety ?

Confused maybe , not confused on what colour I want , DE

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Just out of interest Chris, not that you can own too many AI’s!? What’s peeked your interest in the AX.mkiii when you already have an AXMC? 

As mentioned above, you could get a new rail, AR pistol grip conversion, perhaps a few of the new .308 conversion mags and hey presto! A lot of cash saved! 

However if you’ve got the cash, and just adding to the collection. My cap is doffed! Fair play

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This is why I’ve gone off AI. Options used to be that you could have a rifle or not have a rifle and life was simpler. You couldn’t fvck with stuff because it was glued together. It was a product that you didn’t need to think too hard about. Now there’s a choice for the bloody cheekpiece. Just unnecessary. 

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Chris - As you stated you are in  NZ so you are in one of the few countries that actually has a choice of the AXSR or the AX MK3. The AXSR is primarily available in the USA whereas the AX MKIII is available in the UK and ROW market outside of the USA.  Although they look very similar, they are different due to the USA market being predominantly civilian and the UK / ROW markets are Military, Police and civilian and have more specific requirements.  The AX MK3 does indeed have a 3 position safety but it is on the side like an AR, rather than on the bolt shroud as has been done traditionally.   I arranged all the photoshoots for the 2020 brochure and can assure you that the AX MKIII rifles used all have a 3 position safety catch.

The cycling of the bolt is unaffected by the 2 or 3 position safety catch. They are both smooth.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do feel free to contact me.


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I was at a Bisley shoot recently where one of my companions had a later version A.I AX. He mentioned that the thumb screws securing the cheek height and Length of pull kept working loose. I advised him to use the hex wrench stowed in the cheek piece to nip it up once set to his desired position. That is when we discovered that the newer version AX has solid thumb crews with no access to the allen screws and is therefore not able to be tightened with the hex wrench. This seems to me to be a retrograde step in the design.

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Far from a retrograde step in the design, it is an improvement.  Instead of an exposed and separate screw on the adjustment knob on an AXMC, that required more parts and assembly, it is now a one piece machined part.  As you can see from the photos below, the first one shows the original adjustment knob and the other two show the new style - you can still use the hex wrench to put torque on it to tighten it, if necessary.


Thumb 1.jpg

Thumb 2.jpg

Thumb 3.jpg

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CALTON MOOR RANGE (2) (200x135).jpg

bradley1 200.jpg




valkyrie 200.jpg

tab 200.jpg

Northallerton NSAC shooting.jpg


dolphin button4 (200x100).jpg



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