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FAC & SG Renewal


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Just had my certificates renewed and they came back with the accompanying letter.

just wondering if it’s a Cheshire thing or all police forces asking for cartridges to be saved?



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Hampshire sent out letters for this well over a year ago.

NABIS is a self licking lollipop and they more they get people to do for them, the more work they will get examining a range of fired cases, the more money they can charge.

Knowing which firearms was used is only of use if they know who stole it.


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Don't do it, it can serve no purpose other than to state a previously private, but stolen, firearm was used in a criminal shooting. Adds to statistics against civilian ownership of firearms.

Once the police recover your firearm they can trace it back to you easily and forensics will fire it to not only get a bullet but also a recently fired case to link any other crimes.

Only if they recall every case from every stolen firearm to check against a found case could it even potentially help them and all it will add to the investigation is to link your name to the crimes - there is no criminal detection information to be gained from having you fire the cases and retain them.

Your saved fired case will not have helped them in any way.

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On 5/19/2021 at 12:25 PM, saddler said:

Are the statistics for guns being stolen on the rise??

A new one on me - but not too surprised to see NaBIS mentioned as part of this!

I know what my reply would be...based on MY having had first self loading rifles retained, then my handguns...."for public safety" with the then new Acts, etc. to cover their being made generally illegal - yet HAVE said changes to legislation resulted in less guns on the street?
Nope - as the sources for guns on the street was never the lawful certificate holder...! 

Reads like more buck passing & another small step to apportioning blame in the wrong direction.

Spot on this...having suffered restrictive legislation with S/A rifles....Handguns and now the lever release fiasco yet more gun crime than ever...go figure ...refuse point blank and if they give you any nonsense get one of the organisations involved ....they need to do more to combat this type of rubbish.

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