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Hi all, I sat my 1 day probationary assessment at NRA bisley last week and I have now been accepted. Having only ever shot at living things and 100 yard zero targets before, I found the place quite daunting! I live in Norfolk but am planning to go on a fairly regular basis and have been granted a slot for a 6.5 creedmoor for range use. If there is anyone that wants a lift to and from Bisley who could take me under their respective wing to show me the ropes it would be much appreciated. Regards Adam.

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I dont need a lift as Im a local but im there most weekends. I shoot Clays and Rifles (both this Saturday), Happy to give you a tour. It looks a bit imposing but its not, just a load of like minded guys. 

If youre there on your own and feel a bit lost just go to Fat Tony's buy a tea/coffee and ask someone, thats what i did!

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Thank you all very much for the replies. A tour would be very much appreciated. I’ll have a look into the more local clubs.

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If you are looking for a club at Bisley - London & Midds Rifle.  Good bunch and regular shoots.


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Hi Adam

Welcome to  the sport, you say "target shooting",  but that depends what form you are looking at, Target Rifle (TR) is all with .308/7.62, and shot prone with a sling, the rifle has "iron sights", ie, aperture sights with no magnification, shot from 200 yds to 1000 yds, and its probably the most common form of full bore target shooting, with lots of Bisley Clubs, and lots of competitions.

Then there is F class, which is prone, rested on bipods, using telescopic sights, usually long range out to 1200 yards, there are variations on this, Match rifle, and others, and informal long range target shooting.  The 6.5, I presume is scoped,  and is probably more suited to these scoped events, and is not eligible for TR.

My wife and I shoot occasional TR, but now specialize in International 300 mt, shot from an indoor firing point, shot prone with sling, iron sights, onto electronic targets, its rules are similar to .22 match prone, just with a big bang and longer distance,  and sadly the only UK range is at Bisley, your 6.5 would not be suitable for that,  look out for our articles in the NRA journal. We live in Norfolk, and full bore opportunities are thin on the ground, as are ranges,  so we commute to Bisley, the car knows the way on auto pilot!.

In East of England, Thetford has back to 600 yds, and Cambridge has 1000 yds, we belong to West Suffolk RC, WSRC is currently in limbo, and and shares with Grove, which uses several East of England ranges, and for informal is probable your best bet for a club. 

Bisley is the shooters Disneyland, welcome to the sport, enjoy it.

Have Fun


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Hi Robin, thank you very much for the comprehensive answers, I shall give grove a look. I should have been a bit clearer in what I was hoping to achieve. It is a scoped rifle that I am interested in shooting, my eyes wouldn’t allow me to see the end of a barrel with iron sights! I have plenty of land to shoot over around the country but to be honest it would be good to meet with people and actually learn something. After years of lightweight hunting rifles, I intend on treating myself to an AI AX to trouble some targets.

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