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Been trying out this Saterley, 10 round load development, using Hornady 168 gr ELDM,. 308, as hoping to shoot long range, so my question is

41. 8  2425, 42. 1  2435,

42.4. 2433,  also

44.5  2580,  44.8  2580,so do I load in between these, at . 2 grain stepts,as I usually just shoot for groups, for my hunting loads,  I am using Vit N 140,i have gone up to 45.4, I am over book max but no signs of over pressure, so thinking of going up some more to see if I get another node, at more velocity, any help on this would be appreciated 


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How long range are you thinking?


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Do 10 round load development. 5 rounds does not give enough data to show/suggest a node which is what you are looking for. You have just done a pressure test.

Isn't that hell of a slow for a 168gr particularly if you are at book max?  Suggests short barrel, wrong powder ? I am launching 165gr out of a 20" barrel at 2700 fps and that's not really hot.

You maybe need to rethink your approach. Think there is a post on Snipershide from a few years back where Frank took a shorty out to 1000 but with a 185 grain Berger Juggernaught. 

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45 grains of N550 gave me 2611 FPS with a 168 Amax and a 26” barrel . Looking at the lapua website I’m over 2 grains above max on some loads with no signs of any damage . Keep going in .5 steps till you find another sweet spot then fine tune again . With Sierra 168s lapua site says 47.? Of n550 for 2729 FPS from 24” barrel. Slow and heavy bullets really do better than fast and light  . Laurie commented on my post years ago saying the boat tail didn’t help on the 168 amax and that it’s not too good over 600 yards.


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Well done hope you get good results . For 1000 yards I had some good success with 155 Sierra Tmk and bergers . Tmk needed about .2 mil less drop than the Berger . Best we’re 175 LRBT or 185 juggernaut bergers  . These need 10.4 to 11 mil of up adjust with a 100 y zero  . Shot at eskdalemuir with StrelokPro and shot the gongs from 300 to 1k and trued  up the drops in StrelokPro to real time figures , known FPS so just tweak the bc a bit . Wrong temp and millibar pressures make a big difference at 1000 y . 4 pint milk jug at 700 was easy but gong at 1014 was hard work . You’ll get addicted- have fun 


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