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Can anyone recommend a decent cam I can watch a bait station with ideal one that will send me a notification to my phone (if possible) but at least 1 that can video

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There are so many types of trail camera’s I have two which I use both fairly cheap but after hours of watching reviews on the tube I got my first one which is a campark T45a which is 16mpixels and full hd daytime video and also black and white night mode with Ir distance about 15ft not compatible to link with phones, but the second which is. Campark T86 is 20 mpixels and full hd video and night mode out to about 25 yards has Bluetooth and WiFi but is only compatible at Bluetooth ranges I get about 40yards away from the camera and can check the pictures and video without having to touch the camera and it makes it much easier to set up and see what your camera will see through your phone screen. The T45a set me back about £47 on Amazon and the T86 was about £75,just make sure you get good recharging batteries, both have been out in the frost and rain and British winter weather and work well , but no way near dslr camera quality for pics.hope this helps.

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I use Panasonic Enloops rechargeable and they will last 3weeks and still have about 20% charge it all depends on how cold it gets and how many pics and videos its collecting in a day or week,if i put feed out i can easily get 300pics in a couple days of squirrels rats and pheasants and even small birds and mice, but i normally check the camera twice a week , don't forget a good SD card i use 128GB Sandisc.

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