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Media or Ballistic gel


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I tend to use deer - not had any negative results over a long period of time all bullets used being designed to expand for the purpose 

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As Andy has said, just choose a "hunting bullet" and get out and shoot some deer.

I have no confidence ballistic gel will be an accurate predictor of bullet performance in an individual case. Whether or not you strike bone on the way in is a major variable.

Having said that, experience has taught me bullets vary widely in penetration for example. SSTs are very explody and shred internals, very rarely exiting. TTSXs on the other hand have massive penetration and I'm lucky to recover one in five as most exit. The LRABs in my .280 Ackley do expand reliably and still kill well at range- last one about a month ago sacked a sika hind at 565 and it cartwheeled down the steep slope. Most I have recovered on the far side of the animal.

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Had a block of gel 5” square by 12” long and results of .22 eley subs  and hmr vmax were very good and stopped in the block when shot at normal distances for the calibres . The subs mushroom nicely and vmax explodes into lots of fragments. 3mm steel plate at 100 m stops 223 53g Amax but dents a lot and 55 g game heads by sako go straight through . Had a lot of rabbits shot with hmr and they don’t always expand , just a small hole in and out . The 55g sako rounds on fox don’t always expand either . Ballistic gel shows the bullet working at its best but maybe not the same as real life scenarios. If your shooting gel get a good size block as it’s easier to hit multiple times. Enjoy 


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Happy to help mate . Just thought that you could try melting cheap soap bars into a large bread loaf mould to make a chunk of soap to capture your bullets . Think I’ve seen this done on YouTube somewhere . Ballistic gel wasn’t cheap . 

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