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New to deer stalking my 1st invite

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First of all hello my name is Discontinued,


I have an addiction called shooting, I haven't been clean ever since I got my 1st gat gun at seven   oops this isn't gunaholics anonymous or is it?

With this bloody lockdown I've been working on the frontline in the NHS (yes I'm a hero) I have made some post lockdown resolutions and one of them is to go hunting

So a relative has been working on a country estate for a few years and I have been asked by the game keeper if I would like to go and shoot some deer as they are wrecking some areas where newly planted trees are being cultivated if that the right word for it. apparently he desperately needs someone to cull these deer which will then be butchered and sold locally

I am a total Towney, by the way and know little of country ways, but I'm willing to learn, I do have a cousin that lives in the countryside if that counts and we used to shoot in his field with our .410s many years ago, we never got round to asking for rimfire permission, as I think the field was only 26 acres, this was in the days before 17hmr and FAC air rifles where a thing..so maybe now it could be feasible.

I used to shoot running deer and boar with the BSRC at Bisley and knew a few hunters, but sadly since our club closed I have lost contact.

I have been shooting small-bore and centrefire for almost 15 years now since I moved away from air rifles and I'm quite an experienced shooter as I have family in Finland where I shot since childhood namely a Miroku Over and under and a CZ in .22hornet along with a .22 target revolver. Never did any hunting although it could be easily arranged next time I go, as I have an uncle who hunts Elk, sorry to digress.

I've shot rabbits and birds with Rimfire and shotguns and currently have a spare slot for a .22 on my FAC, which I will be doing a one for one at some point if it looks like this comes to fruition

I'm wondering with this potential lead ban are certain deer calibres such as .243 and 6.5 going to be effected, are there certain calibres that will suffer and could potentially become defunct for shooting Roe and Fallow deer which is what I imagine the quarry would most likely be.


Are there any tips or advice you could give me in regards to my first stalk I'm sure the keeper will guide me through it. But any additional information would be most greatly appreciated.

What sort of kit would be required can anyone recommend a basic set up, as I mentioned an part time NHS worker with health issues namely a spinal injury which means I have to keep my guns ultra light and also cheap. Same applies with the scope.

And how will these copper projectiles stack up in what calibres, I'm also a reloader if that makes any difference?

I do like the look of those Begara break action rifles

Would I be able to apply for a humane dispatch pistol, a stainless ported 1911 Kimber race gun? (joking aside those things are hideous looking)


I know its a lot of questions to ask

Many,Many thanks in advance and sorry for poor spelling /punctuation I have the dreaded doslexia 


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Hi Jan, 

there is a lot in your post. I guess the first thing is to get written confirmation of an invite to shoot deer then apply for a variation for a suitable rifle (or just borrow one of the keeper if possible). There are lots of serviceable secondhand stalking rifles out there that will get you going. How are you with recoil? The safe bet for non lead ammunition is the good old jack of all trades and master of none 308 Winchester but if recoil is an issue then 6.5x55 would be another good choice. The 308 is great as it will kill any deer at normal sporting ranges and ammo is widely available. You could probably pick up a rifle and scope for 4-500 pounds that will work fine. Something like this would be fine assuming the barrel is in reasonable condition 


If the scope on it is crap then swap it for a Leupold 6x42 or S&B 6x42 or 8 x 56 which can be picked up cheaply enough like this one


a moderator is good to have and easy to find. Make sure you get a variation for one as well and check your new rifle is threaded appropriately.
Add to this a knife like a Mora (you don’t need more than a 4 inch blade for most things) some binoculars and a drag rope and you are good to go as far as equipment. Clothing wise just muted colour outdoor clothing. 
It is a good idea to book on a DSC1 course to give you a level of background knowledge. 

Hope this helps

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Thanks so much for the reply


Yes I forgot to add a moderator as well,


This is good stuff I may well inquire about doing the DSC1 course as well. I will speak to the keeper as well regarding permission's 

.308 seems like a good choice, I hear good things about the Parker hale rifles and I think I might still have my old .308 Dies from when I had an Enforcer 

I'm not recoil sensitive, in fact I kind of like recoil and I could also, use it abroad for Elk, if I decide to go hunting in Finland too. 

I do have an old Leupold 3x9 on my CZ455 i could always swap out and put on the .308 but i like the idea of a fixed 6 power especially a Schmidt

Thank you srvet much appreciated.



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I would say with your lack of deer experience. Going out and buying a rifle and trying to cull deer isn't the best way about it.

Go with someone that's an experienced stalking and who has time to be able to share his/her knowledge. Watch them, learn and then perhaps after a few outings you will also get to pull the trigger. 

The key here is no rush just sock it up. You're going to become a much better stalker buy following one than stumbling round the woods with a rifle on your own. 

Good luck.

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On 4/10/2021 at 3:21 PM, Discontinued said:

What sort of kit would be required can anyone recommend a basic set up...I have to keep my guns ultra light and also cheap.


"Ultralight" and "cheap" don't really mix.

I was mentored by a massively-experienced professional stalker/ghillie in the northern Highlands. His opinion was that he wanted clients to arrive with a stainless steel, synthetic-stocked rifle, fitted with a scope which either was 6-power, or whose zoom range included 6-power.

He had over 3,000 deer to his credit, and had used and/or owned rifles in virtually every stalking calibre used in the UK. When he simply wanted a tool to get the job done, his first instinct was to reach for his Sako 75 stainless in 6.5x55mm SE. His go-to ammo for the '75 was PPU 139gr soft points.

I listened, and followed his advice. My No.1 stalking rifle is a Sako 85 Finnlight in 6.5.x 55mm topped with a Schmidt & Bender Klassik 3-12 x 50 with the illuminated L7 reticle:






I use only factory Norma ammo with the 120gr. Nosler Ballistic Tip. It shoots ½ MOA groups off the bench, and is devastating on the smaller species I shoot. If I were invited to stalk reds again, or sika, I'd probably select a 140gr. bullet.

I carry 8x42 binoculars (in my case Swarovski EL Range).

I use and recommend Southwick quad sticks and a Napier Apex Predator bumbag/rucksack. (YouTube videos available on both).

For knives I use a Mora Companion Heavy Duty in orange, and an EKA ball-tipped tripe knife, also in orange.

I also use and recommend a pair of surgical tissue forceps for use in dissecting out the anus.

As others have said, the best advice is to seek a professional mentor.

Safe, happy shooting, and good eating!

maximus otter

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Hi my very first stalking attempt was with BASC I shot at kings forest thetford. I’d paid about £140.00 for a morning and afternoon stalk.

had a fantastic time shooting 2 Muntjacs. Used a 243 back in 1990’s

i was active member of BASC under Deer stalking.

personally I’d stalk with the use of estate gun. Try it a few times then join a rifle club so you can practice and get the right rifle. Last note BASC recommended a 308 calibre for all Deer and do your level 1 in Deer Stalking and maybe Level 2 .


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