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6x47 Brass and Load Data

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Hi all,

Just starting off with a 6x47 and by that I mean I have the rifle. Next up is all the loading kit. I currently load for a few other calibres so I don’t have too many concerns there.

Where I do need some help is sourcing some brass, ideally I would like to get some 6x47 brass and not the 6.5, that said, looking very unlikely. Anyone know of any new 6x47 Brass hiding on a self anywhere or have some that they would sell?

Next up is the powder, I have access to Rl15 and Rl16, has anyone tried Rl16 and has any results? Plan is a 87gr Vmax head.

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I'd actually suggest running the 6.5 parent through a 6x47L body die first, then through the final FL die. This avoids the risk of crushing cases during the forming process- the body die only shifts the neck a touch. Don't ask me how I know.. :)

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I squashed a few 6.5 cases when I started.......I now chamfer the ouside rim of the neck, run them gently into a 6BR body die until they stop, then switch to a Forster full size 6x47 die.


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24 minutes ago, shotgunner said:

Hi have some lapua 6-47 used brass and dies for sale 

but it’s neck down 6.5 47 L

Pm incoming mate

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