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Information for reloading the 338 LM with Scenar 250 and RS80

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I need a start charge for this setup for a 26 "barrel Steyr for long distance shots. Thanks.

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You’ll probably find RS80 is too slow for 250gn bullets, I think a number of others have tried and got low velocity.

However, I think it’s a brilliant powder for 300gn bullets. I use it in my .338Norma Magnum (only 6% case capacity difference to the 338LM) and it’s an excellent powder with the 300gn Scenar. Very consistent.

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Here’s the RS website load data for .338LM:


In my experience, their load data is on the low side and I’m often able to go significantly higher, without pressure signs, with all the powders I use of theirs.

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On 7/4/2021 at 9:03, Catch-22 said:

Probablemente encontrará que RS80 es demasiado lento para balas de 250gn, creo que varios otros lo han intentado y han obtenido una velocidad baja.

Sin embargo, creo que es una pólvora brillante para balas de 300 gn. Lo uso en mi .338Norma Magnum (solo una diferencia de capacidad de caja del 6% con respecto al 338LM) y es un polvo excelente con el 300gn Scenar. Muy consistente.

In the end I disregarded the 80 to maximum volume load cno 103 ,? grains I managed to match the speed of commercial ammunition.
Opt for the new 76 gunpowder with very good results around 99 grains. I get hyperfast speeds of up to 930ms. In the end the high node stayed at 908

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