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Anyone got a Harrels compact press?


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I bought a 2nd hand Harrell’s compact press, a while back and I’m not 100% sure which model it is.  I think it’s the magnum one, it measures around 76mm from the top of a Lee shellholder (6.5x55) to the underside of the frame or 90mm between the frame.

I can’t find any dimensions after trawling the internet.  
Thanks in advance

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A few years ago, I emailed Harrel asking if it would work with large cases, such as 300wm and .338 Norma Magnum and the answer was a flat ‘no’.

Tbh, I’m glad I didn’t go with it in the end because I’m dubious that it would have been able to f/l size those big cases anyway. The Rockchucker Supreme handles them with ease.

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It’s primarily for benchrest type stuff, so nothing too large I don’t expect.  Pity.  Don’t know why they call it the Magnum, when .308 sized cases are its limit.  
I bought it a while back while I was looking for a cheap basic press for decapping, which this is obviously too nice for, it needed a good clean up, but it’s all good now.  
Thanks Catch 👍

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I also have the 90mm version but only use it for neck sizing and seating. Cases up to 60mm in length are seated with long VLD bullets without little fumbling, so no probs for 6.5x55 Swedes. The bullets are first lightly inserted into the neck and fed into the seating die before sliding the base into the shell holder. 

 A 40 year old Rockchucker takes care of the rest. It’s more robust and provides more leverage for bumping and full length sizing tasks.

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