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2 hours ago, gazzarM1 said:

Slightly off topic but my first handgun was a model 28 Highway Patrolman followed not long after by a Colt Python


I had Python for a while as well as a 4" Diamond back .38 Special. I enjoyed both but came to find I preferred Smith and Wesson (and later, Ruger) for rugged use. ~Andrew

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46 minutes ago, Andrew said:

I had Python for a while as well as a 4" Diamond back .38 Special. I enjoyed both but came to find I preferred Smith and Wesson (and later, Ruger) for rugged use. ~Andrew

I had a nice S&W Mod 14 K-38Target Masterpiece, .38 spec. Single action only. Fitted with Bowler grips for UIT centrefire competitions.

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Sweet! I gave my son a Model 14 Target with an eight and three-eighths inch barrel. If you're follow through is good enough it will put them all in the same spot. Sadly, the US has moved away from revolvers for competition. I quit Bullseye comps when home demands superceded practice time and expense -and that was years ago. I don't even know if they still do it. I still enjoy shooting in the classic one-handed stance with about any pistol or revolver. I can still hear my old coach: "Sight alignment! Trigger control! If you try to (grip with) that thumb I swear I'll have it cut off!!"  Good times.~Andew

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I loved my Python but unfortunately back in 1985 it was stolen along with my car and 3 other handguns.After the dust settled I got a 3” 686 stainless....got a Douglas 6” barrel a Wichita rib and a trigger job ,then over the next 10 years filled my boots at service and Police pistol comps....feeling like making life a little more difficult for myself I added a K38 to the collection and won a number of comps with that too....then came confiscation.

The good old days

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For many years I wanted a S&W 681 (?) six inch. These are the 686 with fixed sights. Thought it would be a great back packing gun. The one or two I shot were exceedingly accurate and shot to the point of aim with 158's at 25 yards. In truth, the handgun I have carried the most, and shot the most, is a 4 5/8" Ruger Blackhawk .357. It was a gift from my new bride in 1980. I gave away the accessory 9mm cylinder and ran 200 rounds a week through it. I have kiled deer with it, small game, and won plenty of "betcha can't hit that" wagers. 40 years later I still have it in the same worn Bianchi holster. It's fvorite load is a Lyman 358-156 bullet.  This one has 2 grimping grooves .100" apart. This facilitates seating the bullet out to the bottom groove in 38 Special cases while using mid range .357 loads. Twelve and a half grains of Alliant 2400 in a 38 case with the bullet seated to the bottom groove is the most accurate .357 load I've used in any revolver.

Thanks for letting me ramble OT...~Andrew

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