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6.5 creedmoor powder

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Currently buying components to reload for the above,24 inch barrel 1-8 twist,i have bought Lapua LRP ,due to having a good stock of LRP.,But unsure of powder to try,i have Vit n140, H414, Vit n120,i know these are not really suitable but thinking of RS 62,Ramshot Hunter,

i would appreciate any pointers of were to start ,as thinking now perhaps i should have had SRP Brass

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N150. 39.5 grains. 2800 fps. 24" barrel Tik Tac.

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I have a Ruger Precision Rifle (6.5CM), which my son shoots. I am using N160 (41.5grs), with 139gr Lapua bullets, Hornady brass and Federal 210 primers. This equates to: (2616/2612/2616ft/s) = 2614.4 ft/s average. This has proven the most accurate load. However, we have tried the following loads with 139gr Lapua bullets, Hornady brass and Federal 210 primers:

40.1grs: (2543, 2531, 2538) = 2537 ft/s

40.2grs: (2554m 2515, 2528) = 2532 ft/s

40.3grs: (2544, 2556, 2559) = 2548 ft/s

40.4grs: (2534, 2536, 2559) = 2543 ft/s

40.5grs: (2562, 2548, 2553) = 2554 ft/s

 41.0grs: (2536, 2596, 2592) = 2574 ft/s

42.0grs: (2587, 2634, 2636) = 2619 ft/s

42.5grs: (2679, 2670, 2658) = 2669 ft/s

43.0grs: (2700, 2683, 2695) = 2692.6 ft/s

43.5grs: (2723, 2712, 2712) =  2715.6 ft/s

These all worked fine in my rifle, I don’t know about anyone else’s.


We decided to chose accuracy (group) over velocity. We mainly shoot at Diggle range and using N160 (41.5grs), with 139gr Lapua bullets, Hornady brass and Federal 210 primers, my son has managed to hit the egg, fly and achieved numerous small group patches in the factory 600 yard benchrest competition.  However, when shooting beyond 600 yards i.e. up to 1000 yards, we do lose out to those achieving higher velocities.



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N555 works good with 143 eld-x , but question is, what do you get from N555 powder, that you can not get from N550/N160? Personally i bought this powder but loading 46 grains even for scenars 139 is questioning myself why not just go with 160 or 550 or even rs60. I used rs62 , but it is time sensibility. I think that coating get "destroyed" over time and is not working like fresly bought powder. But that just me. 

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I've settled with RS62 under 140 grain Nosler RDF's, in Hornady brass and using Federal Match primers. 

I'm getting a very consistent 2800 fps out of a 26'' 1:8 barrel (Savage Mod 12 LRP)

This combination let me print a rapid 3 shot group of 68mm at 800 yards in a 'lot less' than ideal conditions during the autumn of last year. As a note. I don't think Nosler RDF's have really taken off over here as far as I know, due to people writing articles saying they can't get them to shoot well, but I found that by taking the time to load develop properly they'll really pay off.

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Shooting 0.4 moa N160 2725fps  from a 24in barrel. Lapua scenar 139 gr and Lapua SRP brass charge weight needs to be increased with the SRP brass I'm running 44 grains of N160

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