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6.5 creedmoor load 20” barrel

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Evening all hoping for some views Loaded some 143eldx today with 40 grns of n555 doing 2372 FPS with SD of 5.8 FPS then took it up to 41.2 grains in 0.4 increments only to achieve an extra 90 FPS was really hoping to get to around 2600 would you keep going or do you think I’m need to drop bullet weight cheers 

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I have the Tikka TAC1 in 6.5CM 24" Barrel. I was going to use N550, but I was advised to go for the single based powder of N150. The thought being the 500 series powders are double based, and are "barrel burners". Not sure if that's the case, but I went the N150 route. I found the 143 ELD-X a real pain in the rear to get a good consistent, accurate load for.

I can't give you data on the N555,but you bullet speeds do seem quite low for the powder type.

I used Lapua brass, small rifle Fed Gold Match primers, N150 powder and the horrid 143 ELD-X! Length from base to O-give was 2.266". I can't find the ES and SD.....

My first load was 38.3 grains. 5 shot groups. average of 2772 FPS. And a group size of 868". 

My second load was 39.5 grains. 5 shot groups. average of 2807 FPS. And a group size of .573".

I didn't continued with the ELD-X. I went with the Sierra 130 grain TMK. A lot easier to sort a load for! 

Hope this helps a little....

Good luck


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Thanks Chaz i was thinking I might have to change powder I have some n160 might try it just hate buying powder at 90£ a tub but if I have to I guess it’s the only way I have some Sierra 123gr but when I checked the col they seem like they are going to have to jump miles to the lands how far are you jumping the 130 if you don’t mind 

my rifle is a tikka Tac aswell

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