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Harrell’s press

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I bought a well used Harrell’s press for resizing.  
On the website it says, for the smaller ones at least, that they’re not suitable for seating, is this strictly true?

Secondly, I’m not sure which model I have, it measures 90mm between the frame.  I suspect it’s the br/ppc model, can anyone confirm?


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The one I have will handle up to .308, but I was able to use it for 6.5x284 by grinding a bevel on the front of the shell-holder.

It measures < 60mm between the frame, so yours must be the Mag size press, which according to the website will resize cases up to 2.9" and seat bullets.

The press is only suitable for neck-sizing of course!



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I tried it earlier with a .308 case and can’t imagine seating anything other than a very stubby bullet. Measuring between the shell holder and the underside of the frame gives 80mm.  That doesn’t seem much.  With the magnum press, it says you can size and seat, but only size on the .308 and br/ppc size.  Confused.....

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With the 308 size Compact Press I can seat 215 gr Berger Hybrid bullets in Lapua 308 Palma cases, using a Redding Competition Seat Die.

If you think that a manufacturer would offer a reloading press for sale that could not do bullet seating, you are indeed very confused 🤣


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I can assure you that this is not true as I have been using the 308 press for seating long high-bc bullets for > 20 years, for both 308 and 6.5x284.

You do have to feed the cases at an angle up into the shell-holder and the press base is angled down at the front to enable this. I also ground a bevel on the front of the shell-holder to further improve clearance.

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If the press can resize cases it should be able to seat bullets, however, longer bullets may need to be fed up into the seating die and then dropped on the case mouth if there is not the clearance to just sit it on top of the case.

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Apparently its primary use is to allow someone to reload at the range or competition.  I can’t say for sure, but I imagine if that was the plan, your box of brass would be already sized and prepped, leaving only seating to be done, so to suggest it’s not suitable for seating does sound like nonsense, but, thanks to Maximus Otter for the link, this is what it says on the website.  

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