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Hammerli Tac R1 22


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So I put a mount and optic on one of these today for a mate. Rifle, optic and mount were band new.

There used to be a time when Hammerli was the best, full stop. I had a 208 Hammerli and used a Hammerli p240 in 38spl. By comparison this AR 15 .22lr clone is a sh1t sandwich without the bread.

A few details- the bolt release catch on the left hand side is only there for ornament- it does not do anything 


The sights - are cheap plastic magpul copies- jut bin them


The bolt carrier group is mainly aluminium casting- reminds me of an air soft toy:


The trigger broke as clean as a 4x2 wooden stick. The optic and mount suited well to the rifle - Vortex Crossfire 6-24 scope, product of best China - (far removed from the the excellent Vortex  Razor HD gen 2 scopes). The cantilever mount was also Vortex - ok except they used the same size screws to secure the mount to the picatinny rail that they used to clamp the rings to the scope. It really did not seem good to me - especially considering bare rifle cost about £500 here ( £100 for the rifle and £400 for the name). 




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The view up into the mag well - is that a zinc die casting?? 😧 Dare not ask what it shoot like?

Concur re. the older Hammerli's,  the absolute dogs re. target pistols, GSP's were OK but not in same way. Jealous of your 208, I used a 215 for a good while then jumped to the 280 😎

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I tried one of these out off the secondhand rack at a range I visited. I would agree with the quality issues but what I would say is we ran a couple of hundred rounds through it in fairly short order and there were no malfunctions..... which is something....??

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The internals are virtually the same as Walther/Umarex MP5, G22 and a few others. The TAC is just a body kit on an old action.

I had to replace worn parts on a Walther MP5 and couldn't source them as the rifle was discontinued. Tried to get Walther to send parts for the G22 and a couple of others that looked the same but as most were out of production I couldn't order. I ended up getting the parts for a Hammerli TAC rifle and the MP5 was up and running in no time.

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Terry, did you get your 215 from Keith Perks?.....I remember having a chat with him many years ago about the 215 v 208 -just was the 208s were more hand fitted and polished but often were not as accurate as the 215s because of it.

1066 - Shame about Hammerli. Sig is going the same way - German factory is now closed with all production in the USA  :(

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I bought my 215 off a guy who bought a nice pistol because he thought it would shoot high scores 🤭, must of been early 80's, up till then I was using the Ruger 'spud gun' with Bowler grips. The guy who taught me to shoot pistol had a 208, better finish and from memory you could switch the trigger to the higher ISU FB weight (might be wrong on that). When the carbo fibre route to the 280 with both 22rf and 32S&W uppers, traded the 215 and .32 GSP.


Shame Hammerli went to Walther they were really well made target handguns 😒

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Pile of chod, everyone seems to feel they need to offer some form of military look-a-like these days and as you said the R1 is a very bad investment. Anschutz did the same thing with their 'dynamic shooting' semi- based on the awful ISSC copy of the FN SCAR, terrible...

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