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6mmbr/22lr and some benchmark final price drops.

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Tikka 595 in 6mm br, LESS THAN 800 SHOTS,
20” bead blasted barrel with invisible thread protector.
1/9 twist with 1/2” UNF thread
1 x 3 shot poly mag
1 x steel 5 shot mag, feeds fine from both mags,
Cleaning rod
Bore snake
Redding 3 die set almost new with light use,
50 new lapua brass (boxed)
Almost new Aimzonic moderator
Semi ridged Rifle slip (sako)
6mm br CTS case trimmer.
6mm br powder funnel.
Fully bedded walnut stock, that has a little repair done to it but has no effect on the rifle or stocks performance
Rifle shoots like you want to and is a nice compact stalking calibre for small deer, fox and vermin control

collection only and C19 rules apply. 

sold as a package. COLLECRTION ONLY NOW JUST £730 CASH OR BACS the lot, 

Little 452/2e CZ 22lr16” barrel 
Parker hale mod
2 x 10 shot magazines
Comes in nice used condition 
Hawke scope 4/12x50 illuminated red and green mil-dot with mounts
Semi ridged rifle slip
collection only and C19 rules apply.

6lb of benchmark.

£170 the lot

many thanks





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sorry lads.

if you want it shipping then there are extra costs this is silly money for a cracking 6mm br rifle that shoots like you know it will when built by Neil Mc.and i am NOT covering the RFD costs out of the asking price. there are enough extras to cover than 2 fold,

the 22 lr set up is also cheap so the same applies.

the prices shown have always been for collection ONLY when we are allowed too.

i am also finding that some RFD’s are click and collect only so finding one that would ship them is not easy, and is it a MUST do job. 




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here you go. 

i only had the rifle a few days when it just fell off, i drilled and pinned it with a 2mm drill and metal pins and a hard bonding compound, it has never moved since it was done, its the section below the safety.

thank you


regards and keep safe




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  • rsc1960 changed the title to 6mmbr/22lr and some benchmark final price drops.

Final price drops lads.

still sat here looking for a new home.


thanks and keep safe



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Hi Gary


All barrel work and bead blasting was done By Neil Mckillop (mckillop engineering) pacnor barrel, and his work is top notch.

not sure if Neil done the bedding ( I think it may have been another smith, its been done very well)



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I will try and get it done some time this week as said I am unsure who done the bedding, it shoots better than I can anywho 👍

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last and final price drops.

plenty of time left on the ticket so it can stay a while before GT,


thanks and keep safe



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good morning,an auction house would sell for what ever was offered and in bobs case he is trying to sell to a forum member at a good price so both parties get a decent deal,why would he go to auction and lose any money left in the sale? bob always looks after his kit and will tell you if there were any issues .an auction would be usefull as a last resort if the items needed to be sold desperately but in this case they dont .!

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if you are going to make comments then do so correctly, 

the only rfd open at the time was a rip off, he wanted £55 per item entered into his books for transfer to another rfd in Ireland.(almost as bad as buying a pup)

£55 for the rifle £55 for the mod, and he was not into sending loose items like the dies etc, so you offered to have the other items collected by a courier, not a problem.

at that time the rifle and bits where set at £750, collected, you offered me £800 for the lot, so apart from not being able to get to the rfd in question (covid 19 ) you expected me to pay £110 out of the sale price to send the rifle to you leaving me £690?

I don’t know about you but I think thats not a fare deal, i think the price for the rifle mod and all the extras is worth more but I put the price down as i want them collected, and it was my way of saying thanks to the buyer for collecting them,

and as i said i am in no rush i have no way of using it as everything else related to shooting has gone barring the items above, i have a few years left on my ticket, and it costs nothing for them to sit in the cabinet until someone who wants them for the asking price and will come and collect,

with respect.


PS: Banus, thank you Ian, i do look after my kit like most shooters do and i think the asking price is a good deal if you need a cheap 22 set up or a very accurate 6mmbr,

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good evening bob ,my son is law is trying to get his fac asap but thames valley say not until restrictions are lifted and the gp say not doing medical paper work ! so bit of a bugger. if it ever moves forward i will be in contact ,all the best stay safe .

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