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Tikka T3, AICS bottom metal and mag, GRS Bifrost

farmer t

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AS above. I have a Tikka T3, currently in a Boyds thumbhole stock,  with AICS bottom metal and Mag.

Am thinking of putting it in a GRS Bifrost.

Will the stock need altering to accept the AICS and is it easy and safe to do so?



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The Bifrost is an injection moulded stock.

Looking at the ones I have in stock, the insides of where the stock bolts go through is hollow. That means if you mill into the stock, to accept the DBM, there would be no support there at all.

Fit pillars to cure the issue ?

Nothing there to bond them too.

Pretty sure i've seen a pic somewhere, with one in, but how it was bodged to work, i don't know.

Trouble is, you are working, and possibly weakening an area, that needs to me more rigid, not less.

If you like the bifrost shape, then go for the Beserk instead. Its a nylon moulded stock, but its solid, and will accept a floor plate mod, no problem, i've done quite a few.

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Inject polyester or epoxy resin mixed with filler in the stock bolt holes to give a solid region where strength is needed, then drill and add pillars to taste............at least, that's what I'd do.

I assume the Bifrost is the cheapest option?


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Thank you all for your replies.

 What Baldie replied is what I was afraid of.

Seems like the the CTR bottom metal that will take AICS mags is the way to go.

The rifle is a 6mmBr and feed flawlessly from the adapted AICS mag so want to keep that.

Once again than you all.


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