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3 hours ago, John MH said:

Labradar to fiddly and missed too many shots.

Thanks for the reply John - wasted shots are a massive no-no for load testing  - what calibres did you use with it?

did you use the recoil trigger?

incidentally, when I tried to buy a Labradar off MK machining  at same time as the mount (based on cost given transport was a flat fee) the guy I spoke to said:

a, can’t sell to Europe, he did not know why but this thread has enlightened me on the power levels and EU rules

b, not to bother as the magnetospeed work better

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2 hours ago, Artiglio said:

If you go the Labradar route , then a recoil trigger is nigh on a must, not missed a shot since i started using one and alignement is much less critical.

+1 on that, makes all the difference.  You still need good alignment to 'see' the bullet down range but it's way more usable.

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Wanted to share the following in case useful for Magnetospeed users with MKmount - I have a 30” barrel on my AI AXMC and use the brake ‘ mod set up so I need at least 2 of the rods to put the bayonet in the right place

A 3 steel rod “string” from MK machining weight 1.4kg!

I bought a 1m tube made of 3k carbon fibre from amazon - 15.7mm OD to match the 5/8” rods from MK. It weighs nothing, a few grams and seems to deflect less given it is not sagging under its own weight


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I have a UK Lab, never had any issues missing shots apart from with the 17H, 20cal or larger no problem. Not missed a 17H shot since using one of the recoil triggers available.

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Recoil trigger is definitely a game changer for the Labradar. I haven’t missed a shot since I got mine. 

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