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Difficult to give you an exact weight without knowing, your brass make & oal, but weve found a full case, just before the bullet compresses the powder charge produced the best es and accuracy with 69 - 80 g  bullets. Never saw any pressure signs in various actions.

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Cheers, intend reusing GGG cases at stock oal. They will have to fit a standard mag. 

Tbh the factory 69's were incredibly accurate at 600yds but want to try and push out further. 

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I use 24.5 gn Rs50 /77gn SMK (same for TMK as well) 2.250 OAL for an ar15 mag , really accurate load, I have reloaded GGG (milsurp) cases but had a few case separations after 4-5 reloads 

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