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Fellow watch aficionados - 

my 2006 Omega Seamaster is heading towards service time and also has some chips on the blue bezel. I’d like it serviced, the bezel replaced or repaired and the strap and case refinishing in the brushed style it had when new. I’ve used Watch Doctor at Tring in the past but they’re not telling me the details I want to hear before sending the watch in. 
Has anyone got personal recommendations for an honest competent service centre. 

many thanks

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Premier Time Services of Lymm in Cheshire.    Rolex trained horologist.  They serviced my Rolex last month and did a service 6 years ago too for my watch and my wife's Rolex.  They've been in business for quite a while.

Very good, secure and reasonable price.  Took 12 weeks to turn it around - Official Rolex Service Centre is circa 6 months and VERY expensive.

They undertake work on all premium watch brands

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My last service was done by Robin Martin and Partners in Portsmouth, you get to speak to the man that does the work and i was happy with what he did. They are an approved repairer.

However Omega are going towards the Rolex model of approved repairers only being able to buy spares and pretty much fixed price. If you go to the Omega site there’ll be a list of those approved.

The first service I had done was by  a non approved chap (i later found out) made a complete pigs ear of it.


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