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Little bit of lockdown fun....

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A bunch of my shooting buddy’s and I have been considering if calibers were “actors” what actor would they be?

So far we have reached general consensus that:

338 is Ray Winston

6.5 Creedmoor is Lionel Blair

303 is Henry Cooper

308 is Michael Caine

223 is Larry Grayson

455 Webley is Errol Flynn

44/40 is John Wayne

9mm parabellum is Hardy Kruger

At the risk of being politically incorrect..... 22 short is Jimmy Clitheroe......!

45/70 is Lee Marvin

The question is are we a) mad, and b) is there consensus on our ramblings? 

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15 minutes ago, That bald headed Geordie said:

I would like to include 6BRA onto the list.   I think that the actor would be Arnold Schwarzenegger.  

But in reality it would be Barbra Windsor.

Brilliant.... :)

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Also, as daft as it seems I’d never considered Hugh Laurie and Alan Rickman as calibres before but do you know........ I think they work 😀

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2 hours ago, furrybean said:

375HH Ernest Hemingway 

What a calibre! What a character! Wonder what he’d make of today’s world?

Anyway, may I offer .38 Special - James Cagney 

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Hmm this got me thinking, as he starred in a short movie with Rosie Jones - im trying to put a caliber on Laurie Holland? Thoughts ? as i never met him - may he chime in ? :P

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53 minutes ago, Northern Farmer said:

.17 Remington. Bruce lee  

small and fast,  good one

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