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Hello guys a bit of advice please, i have a 6.5CM by Sauer, i am looking at shooting out to 1,000yds so i ask will i have any benefit in going with either a 7mm rem mag or a 300 win mag

The 6.5 is good but i just need to ask will i have much more power from these 2 calibres.

Any views or help will be much appreciated.   

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The 6.5 CM should be more than capable of reaching 1000 yards accurately - but what model Sauer, twist rate, are you reloading etc. helps folks give suggestions or answers.

Is this an occasional 1000 yards use or going to be more often i.e. how important is the 1000 yrds capability

Both the 7mmRM & 300WM will have more 'power' than the 6.5CM but think you are after accuracy - yes?


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You have no need for a larger calibre at 1000yards.


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i do not home load i am afraid i use 147grn Hornady ELD, your point on accuracy hits the note, i use a Fieldshoot with a 24" heavy barrel.

In my thoughts hitting a 12"sq metal plate at a 1000 yds is acceptable i just fancy going a bit further and a bit tighter.

If i am wrong just let me know please.

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If you check the ballistics I think you will find the 6.5 shooting inside the 300 WM on elevation and windage with a 140g bullet.

Obviously terminal energy will be less but it will still kill paper and gongs!😁

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Once we got mates rifle tuned in with StrelokPro he was hitting gongs regular out to 1400 . Made a thousand look easy compared to my 308s big loopy trajectory. I was spot on upto 1000yards with the 308 in 175 grain Berger lrbt but was only doing 2600 ish FPS the target at 1020 was very difficult to hit . 

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Hi again 

just some info regarding StrelokPro , we were quite a bit out in calibration to start with so went back to basics, chrono the bullets then be careful to put in correct weather conditions . Then shoot a known distance 300 m and do a tune  noting bullet actual drop with StrelokPro on the bc setting as already got a correct speed reading , after that things went really well  . Good quality bullets make the difference .  300 win mag with Berger 185 jugs work well to the mile .  7 or 6.5 x 284 are the new boy with some of our club members and  make the 308 look like a shotgun . Cheers 

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A group of us here locally have a 2050 yard range over varying terrain. The 1000 yard target is 10 inch plate. That is fine for Creedmoor. My TAC A1 is about a half MOA gun. The winds and the shooter are more of an issue at 1000 than the cartridge.~Andrew

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You will find loading your own will give you a lot more control and you can tune the ammo to your gun. I, personally could not afford to shoot if I didn't roll my own - tailor mades are sooo expensive. You really need to reload to get the best accuracy out of you gun. It's a bit like photography without the dark room or more laterally Photoshop   😀

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