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Picked a CZ527 Varmint in .223 and a laminate stock, for very little money. It has had a bit of a hard life, but still might have plenty of years left and don't know if it's a lemon or not....

when I came to taking the action out of the stock, I did so, riddled about with it, inspected it and what have you. Probably 20 minutes later or so, I went back to the stock and moved it off the bench. Lying on the bench was a steel tube. I don't remember seeing where it was from or where it fitted. But, a little bit of discernment has established that it has come from the rear action screw hole in the stock. It fits in there like it should, a rear pillar, if you like.

now because I didn't see where it came from, the question is, should there be one in the front action screw hole of the stock as well?!! It would be a different size as the rear doesn't fit and there certainly isn't another one lying on my bench or the garage floor.... if there is supposed to be one, who knows when it came out. Might explain the owners claim of poor performance... and I can't imagine there would only be one. 

Any help would be appreciated.


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Nothing in the front. That's why the CZ's are a popular gun to install pillar bedding on..  The latest varmint 527's are bedded like this. A steel V-block mating to a corresponding cut in  the receiver- Plus the blob of glass. This is a 6.5 Grendel Varmint model. Shot fabulously right out of the box. The standard weight Grendel a few years back made me work at it. I finally pillar bedded and free floated. Now it's one of the most accurate rifles I own.~Andrew



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Hope it shoots for you.

My CZ527 American really likes bullets in the 60gr range:

Federal Fusion 62gr Soft Point goes really well in Kalahari's Varmint and my gun.

Mine also likes a hand load of the 65gr Sierra SBT over Ramshot TAC


(Might do better but stopped at that load as will hold fine at any range I will shoot at)


(PS, mine has the rear pillar but little if anything up front in terms of bedding compound)

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Pillar bedded mine and devcon bedded the front.  Lovely little action and one of my favourite rifles.  Shoots 55gr (1/8 L-W barrel) to match accuracy and has become my main munty rifle with most shots  at 200yds plus.  Great fun on wabbits or cwows (Elmer accent) at 500yds!

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