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If anyone is interested in a UK produced Labradar recoil trigger then talk to 1066 on this forum.

It will trigger from 22lr with subsonic ammo plus suppressor up to whatever you have in your safe.

Picatinny rail mounts etc also available.

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I have also made two of differing sensitivities.  I'm yet to fully test them but looking very promising.  Possibly not .22 subs because I can't see any reason to run those over a chronograph!

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My improved recoil trigger works well, tested on .308 147gr out of a Tikka Tac. and 6.5 144gr from a Dolphin F class.

55 consecutive shots all triggered without missing any.  I'm hoping to try on a light loaded .223 soon.   I suspect .22LR will be too gentle to trigger my design reliably.

For you budding electronics techs it's a 2g ('gee') directional impact sensor triggering a 555 pulse stretcher cc't. (250ms)  My trigger lights a built-in LED so any concerns about the Labradar not triggering can be traced easily.  Part of the trick is to 'pot' the circuit in resin so the forces are not dissipated by springy components and to strongly attach to the rifle - two wraps of insulation tape is great.  The look on my mates face when I bodged it on his Tikka - priceless🤣   Sorry the picture is pants,  the good one got lost 😁  

I'm happy to share the circuit,  I have no interest in making them to sell, I'd rather be shooting.


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