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Minox ZP5 5-25 x 56 MIL/MIL MR5 Reticle FFP. Condition is Used.    

This scope has exceptional glass and comes with a choice of 'One' Tier-1 unimount: either a 20MOA  or 0MOA .

It is in good condition with signs of use, (some blemishes on the turrets and around the Battery Cover). 

£1770.00 posted Royal Mail special deliver by 1pm.

Also for sale elsewhere.













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17 minutes ago, Davidm said:

Still for sale ? 

Yes, but as you contacted on another site, using an email address and a telephone number, 02072343456,  that is associated with phone scams, I will continue to ignore you.

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Jarred Shoeman, you have posed as 3 different people now to try and buy this scope.

you have already had one account on UKV deleted by admin today.

I have 1 landline number for you in London which is associated with a few phone scams, I have 3 email addresses and one mobile number.

you are in South Africa and I have the WhatsApp Africa mobile number you gave me.

I have no intention of selling this scope to you or any of your friends or associates.

You are wasting my time having to remove adverts from Guntrader and then still emailing me directly.

David James or David Maine or Jarred Shoeman, I don’t care. It is not difficult to spot the abnormal.


Jees never had so much hassle trying to sell a scope. Unbelievable.

and then have nerve to say I’m the scammer just because I won’t have anything to do with them!!


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He contacted me over a Minox I sold ages ago

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