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Storing a 22lr with moderator on?

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What are the effects of storing a 22lr with its mod on? 


I know centerfire are a big no-no for leaving the mod on but I can't seem to dig much up about the .22lr. 

The few articles I have read say mixed things, some say it's worse taking it òff and other say it has the same effects as the centerfire, eating away at the crown and rifling. 

Can anyone that knows either way make any suggestions.




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I was always curious  about this as well.

Mine comes off as I always clean all my rifles before putting them back in the safe anyway. 

22 mods do get very dirty and if you store your rifle muzzle up some of this stuff may go down the barrel. 


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Remove your moderator before putting the rifle away. I learnt the hard way and destroyed a nice old BSA when the crown was corroded away and the rifle was not worth the cost of restoration and proof. 

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The way I see it the biggest problem with keeping mods on is the moisture they 'attract'.

Usually, modded rifles are used at night or in the late/early hours when the air is cool and most likely damp. You fire and the hot gas fills the mod, when it cools it draws in the moist air which you eventually take home and if the mod is left on the moisture sits and condenses in the firing residue in the mod, on the crown and possibly down into the barrel. Taking it off will allow the air to circulate and the moisture to evaporate more easily.

I have seen some good rifle barrels (and mods) ruined by leaving the moderator on.

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I've also learned the hard way !

The only "upside" I can see to leaving the mod on is the 5 seconds you save from removing it........hardly worth it !

Absolutely now a matter of routine.....every mod no matter what rifle it's attached to is removed before putting away....usually before putting in gun-slip, never mind cabinet.

Regards, Rob.

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This can be a useful trick. If the slip is only just long enough for the rifle sans moderator you have to put the moderator in the pocket on the side of the slip or somewhere where it can cool and condense stuff to its hearts content.



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I've never taken my mod off my CZ452 nor cleaned it bar pulling a bore snake through occasionly..

Maybe I should..!!

I have cleaned the crown off a few times and the muzzle thread..

Bore looks good with the teslong

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It's effects are absolutely unquestionable - it will cause etching and pitting of the crown and bore. 

If that matters really depends on the rifle,  it's value and what you expect of it.  

I've not seen many old .22lrs that you don't see deep pitting in with a bore scope.

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I've never removed the mod on my .22 unless it's to pul a bore snake through it. It's an old Sako Fin fire shoots great.

same with my .17hmr only that gets a proper clean every time it shoots over ten rounds.

all centre fire rifles mods off asap!



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Why should the effects of leaving a moderator on a 22RF be any different from leaving a moderator on a CF?

Yes, there's less powder in a 22RF, but the chemistry is the same - so the effects will be the same - pitted crowns and bores near the muzzle.

For all the time it takes to remove the moderator it seems daft not to.





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Why aren't the affects the same? I have no idea 

i leave my mod on because of were I live on a farm it gets used in a hurry out the office window on one of my bait sites on magpies ect I have to be as quick as possible.





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I left my 6.5x47 with the muzzle brake on it after firing for a week or so..

When I took it off to clean the bore the edge of the crown where the muzzle thread is had gone rusty which has left it scarred..

Never had that before 🙄

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