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During the last few months I've been looking at different disciplines and PRL has caught my eye. I know there's a few who shoot it on here and may have some role in the admin side so thought I'd ask here instead of bothering Tiff.

I'm not 100% sure on the on the factory rifle class rules. The rules say £3000 limit for rifle and scope then it's broken down to £1500 each for both the rifle and scope. It's the breakdown I'm wondering about, is it possible to buy something for say £750 and use the extra £750 to go towards the other item. I.e. Buy a scope for £750 and a rifle for £2250 and come in on budget for the package?


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Thanks Dave I think you're right.

Rule 2.2.3 says the " the rifle shall not exceed £1500.00 GBP and the optic shall not exceed £1500.00 GBP.". I should have read it closer because the " shall not exceed" part rules out carrying over unused budget allowance.

Thanks chaps.

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The rules include;

2.2.3 – Factory Division combined rifle and scope new retail ‘dealer price’ (as listed on three or more individual company’s websites/adverts) shall not exceed £3000.00 GBP, the rifle shall not exceed £1500.00 GBP and the optic shall not exceed £1500.00 GBP.

I hope that helps,


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hey folks - I'm looking at PRL22 when it starts and am curious if this scenario has come up before re the rifle price cap. I've got a Bergara B14r Carbon which I bought as a full rifle (£1250 ish). I confirmed with Bergara that they sell the barrelled action for £845. If I was to buy a chassis am I permitted to use the £845 barrelled action list price given the original stock will no longer be part of the setup? Obviously doing so means I can come in under £1500. Using the original full purchase price there's no way I can swap the stock out.


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