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Schmidt Bender 1-8 CC mode

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Hi All,

I was wondering if anyone owns any of the following Schmidt & Bender scopes:

1-8x24 Exos

1-8x24 PM2 shortdot CC

1-8x24 PM2 shortdot dual CC

They all have the CC function where the if you reduce the magnification below 1.1 to ‘CC’ you end up with true 1x magnification and the parallel set to 7-20 meters.

My question to those who own these scopes, when you reduce magnification towards CC or increase it from CC and go past the 1.1 setting do you hear/feel an audible/soft ‘click’ in both directions? This is the apparent tell tale that the parrallax has been reset. Reason I ask is because I’ve recently bought a scope where I only get the ‘click’ when increasing magnification  and Not reducing it was wondering if there was problem with my scope?


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