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Spuhr direct to receiver mount

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Has anyone any experience with the Spuhr unimount, direct to T3 dovetail? Seems like a good solution for mounting the scope as low as possible.
I’ve read where milling of the ejection port is needed, to ensure 100% ejection, at least on larger calibres.

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I’m not 100% certain, but I think if you do any milling of the action, it needs to be re-proofed.

This isn’t an issue if you’re having barrel work or such done, as it all gets proofed in one. But if you’re not doing other work, the proof and handling fees might make this an expensive option.

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The T3X action has a larger ejection port as standard. 

It was Hakan Spuhr himself who has milled his ejection port on a 6.5X55. You might not need to on a .308 or shorter case. 

I must admit I do like the direct mount and ran on on my Sako TRG which is the same dovetail Mount. 

Before I sold my mount I did put it on a T3 action to see how it looked. That’s a 3-20X50 Schmidt for reference. 



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That looks good, Scotch, although I can see the issue with a one piece mount, on the Tikka.  Mine’s a T3 in 6br, so maybe ok. 
one problem I can foresee is little room for adjusting the scope back and forward, I find S&B have minimal eye relief and, unlike using a rail, the mount can only be positioned as far forward as it will go.  
Maybe rail mounting is the way to go, after all.  

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