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Limited re opening of Bisley from 23rd/24th of May

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Whilst my comment that they have to pay for the hand gel was a joke, there is an element of truth in it. Weekend only opening must have actually cost money, as it's the limited lanes available has of course in turn limited revenue. Baby steps, I understand, but don't make the paying members pay for the alterations that aren't their fault. An extra half day on Friday mornings is a step in the right direction.

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Had an hour’s session from 08:30  on Stickledown at 900 yards this morning - Excellent organisation and Joe the RCO was extremely helpful. Only two of us until 09:30 when another shooter arrived - a few shooters at 1000 - altogether a brilliant morning 

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Very pleasent this AM, only 4 of us @ 300yards, from 8:30am  The electronic shotmarker system worked perfectly and was easy to use with the tablet. Very well organised.  The 9.30 slot seemed nearly full as did the 600 yard positions. the only thing that could do with a bit of improvment IMO is the one-way system!

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Just back form a morning booking of 5 points on Stickledown (5 points x 4 hours @1000 yards).

No real hassle actually IMHO more straight fwd than normal - hope they keep this setup going forwards (fat chance, we’ll all be back to lineups in the office 🙄)

No to and fro to sort HME, someone is on Winnans/Zero,  book in for actual shooting on range and go shoot, hand radios back to NRA staff on the range - simples!!

Nice day but wind was a bit ‘squirrely’

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Human markers return to Bisley! This was posted on the NRA's Facebook page a few hours ago


COMING SOON 19th June – STAGE 3 (in addition to the above):
- Short Siberia 100x manual targets and markers, private markers will be permitted but will under direct control of the NSC Butts Officer
• There will be timed details with scheduled ceasefires for butts changeover
• Standard range hire charges apply 
o £56.50 weekend
o £46.50 weekday


I am excited, not to mention available..... 😁

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No, I haven't actually seen it as an option? It was fairly dead yesterday. I was on Century yesterday at 100 to check zero and at my time slot there were only two of us. No one on 300 and about two on 600. I didn't see any others on the list for 100 after my time slot.

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Here's a bit of an update. Looks like a lot of the ranges are reopening from 4 July! 

"Range Bookings at Bisley Available From 4th July:
Pre COVID-19 published standard range hire rates apply
Zero range will be charged at £5.00 at the Range office – card payment only
Targets available on Century, Stickledown, Butt Zero, Chobham Ridge and Short Siberia all day Wednesday/Thursday/Friday/Saturday/Sunday. Now including Electronic targets at 100x on Short Siberia at weekends.
Manual targets and markers will be permitted on Century, Short Siberia and Stickledown range"

from Facebook. The only difference is no Tuesdays.

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