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Hi guys what’s the .22lr AR to have ,not looking for a plastic fantastic ,real lower to drop on a .233 upper at some point .


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I have a couple available. What spec are you after?

At the moment one is a CMMG bolt/barrel with a CMT flat top upper, fully floated 16" barrel threaded ½UNEF built on a Schmiesser lower and stock (with hide-away 10rnd back-up mag for the .223 - or the stock can be changed if you prefer), RRA single stage trigger.

PM me if you're interested.

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Been meaning to list mine but various distractions have kept me from doing so.
Ideally, I was planning to sell these as a set/pair.

The .22lr AR's I have are British made Bremmers - one of each of the two types that were produced by this firm.
They are based on the time proven US military issue M261 conversion kit - and they use spare parts from such kits.

The only difference between the kits and the rifles is the latter have a dedicated .22lr barrel, so the M261 kits "false chamber" section from the front of the bolt is not part of the Bremmer design. Other than that they are M261 all the way, so the commercially made Black Dog magazines work ($15 or so on the US site for their dedicated M261 magazine = the 10rd one is ITAR export OK)
The present magazine system is the same as the US Issue type, a 10-rd insert mag that drops into a standard AR magazine.

The rifles are the same size/weight as the 5.56 models and the lowers are full AR15 spec. so can be used with straight pull uppers if needed.
Barrels are both threaded the US standard pitch for the AR - which is 1/2" x 28 (1/2" UNEF).
Another .22lr AR which I owned had a .22 sound mod (made by SAK I think) which fitted in this thread size, or thread adaptors are easy to find.

The .22lr AR;s that I have are,
1 x standard rifle, based on AR15A2
1 x carbine, based on the M4 

There are several accessories and add-on's which I purchased since getting the Bremmers, such as a US GI M68 Swan rail for the M4, manuals for the M261 kits, special .22lr brass catchers from the M261 accessories kits, "Colt" type scope for the carry handle, etc. etc.

Let me know if interested - if so I will dig them out & get photos of everything uploaded.

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On 3/17/2020 at 7:25 AM, Aggy said:

Hi guys what’s the .22lr AR to have ,not looking for a plastic fantastic ,real lower to drop on a .233 upper at some point .


Give me a buzz in the week Mick.

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CALTON MOOR RANGE (2) (200x135).jpg

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valkyrie 200.jpg

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