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Bob edwards

Advice please on my bolt

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Hi guys I bought a Sauer Fieldshoot back in September 19, I have never been totally happy with the gun, I bought it from Ivythorn sporting (Steve and Louis have been fantastic and given great service) but I feel the bolt has always been scratchy and stiff when entering a round, I sent it to be Blacked and Jeweled and it looks the broccoli but even greased up it's still not smooth as I would expect.

The bolt was also blacked at the same time, as soon as I tried the bolt in the chamber it has scratched the Blackening off.

Any ideas please


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Im assuming you use lube on your bolt lugs , and ideally in the race ways as well just in case the race ways are the rough part ? Obviously you don't want it dripping in lube but you know ..

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You could polish the raceway with some fine wet and dry or emery . I finished mine with a rub of metal polish.

Slicker that cat s!!!

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Hi Bob, I have a Saur Fieldshoot in 308, and had a similar problem. With mine, the problem was two fold. First the extraction springs behind the two plungers in the bolt face are very strong. These plungers must be lubricated with a hi tensile grease otherwise you will scratch the brass of the cartridge case. As has already mentioned, the same hi tensile grease is required on the lugs and the extractor claw.

Secondly it is necessary to apply the force closing the bolt in line with the bolt, and to ensure the bolt is fully home and said spring studs are fully compressed before putting rotational force on the bolt to close it. The bolt will then close easily.

I know the above sounds complicated, but it is just a bit of grease and the correct technique. 

My Gunsmith hs said he will ease the springs if I want, but I  have not found it necessary once I twigged the technique. I still like the rifle, but if you want a one finger bolt closure get a Tikka T3X! ( I have one of those too!)

Miseryguts (stir crazy in wet Monmouthshire)

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