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Steyr ssg69 stock reinforcment

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Got a steyr ssg69 308 barrel has been cut down to 19" with a ase ultra jet z compact hanging off the end. Lovely rifle to shoot, and very accurate, my main issue is excessive flex in the fore stock when using bipod. Seeing as aftermarket stocks are pretty much nonexistent I'm looking to improve the current stock. 

Anyone on here have any expetience reducing flex in synthetic stocks? 





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Hi Tom

i used an epoxy resin on the forend of my rifle. This is a Mauser M12 Impact and although the forend had a reasonable stiffness it did flex under pressure. I used a hot wire to rough up the intererior and to create holes between the interior webbing structure and then used ZPoxy epoxy resin to fill the forend. I made sure this didn’t impinge on the barrel. I also eased the barrel channel a little to reduce the risk of forend touching the barrel. This didn’t significantly increase stiffness and added a little extra weight but it is not a total solution. I still need to be careful when loading the bipod. Hope this helps


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Did they do a wood or laminate version ? If not and you want it sorted properly its finding a smith or stock maker that may have the inlet or they can copy the std inlet ? - one way or another it can be done . If you changed your profile to say what area you are someone may offer help or advice 

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i have a suggestion for you.......

i just got back from the shooting show at the NEC, while talking to Danny Ryan about his stunning  display, I noticed that Staffordshire Synthetics had a glass fibre stock of their own manufacture to fit the SSG69-his work is ace and the stock looked like a McMillan A5 

i am sure that he has other configurations to suit the SSG which you might like better but if I were you I would be blazing a trail in Danny’s direction no doubt

if I was doing it I would get one of the alternative mag bottom metal kits fitted that use the AICS mags and job done

over to you 



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