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Scope for driven Boar

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Hi has anyone had any experience of these type of scopes below for Hunting Driven Boar or Deer 

1-6x24 red dot type, Aimpoint Magnifier, Aimpoint Red Dot or any others not mentioned 

thanks Jimmy 

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Used a Swaro 1-6x24 with a CDI ret on my double for years

Tried a Zeiss Red Dot for a time which is similar to the Aimpoint  but went back to the conventional scope


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Any 1-6 will work well. I is d a sig sauer 1-6,x 24 purely because I didn't want to buy another scope for one trip. Its now sat gathering dust if you are interested. 

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I’ve used both Aimpoint and Swarovski 1-6x24 a Schmidt 2.5-10x56. 

All have their advantages and disadvantages, I would suggest trying before you commit if you can.

Personally I prefer the Aimpoint (particularly in heavy woodland, although there can be some pretty open pegs) for driven as I just find I can get onto the pigs quicker than with a variable but occasionally the magnification is handy for longer shots, sometimes the pigs/deer aren’t that close or moving particularly fast. 

Whatever you get practice is more important than anything else. If I was on a budget and it wasn’t a scope going to be used solely on driven game I’d go for a variable (probably 2.5-10x56) as you have more flexibility, if your plonked in a high seat for pigs under the moon you will probably find the scope ends up set on 7 or 8 and it wouldn’t be wasted on a hill either.

This is of course just my opinion which I’ve formed having spoken to, looked at what German friends (who are big into driven hunting) use and have personally used over the past 15 years or so that I have been doing driven hunts.

If you have plenty of cash get swing off mounts and both an Aimpoint and variable.



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