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Guest martin

Step by step guide to butchering a deer...........

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Guest varmartin

I dont know how i missed this one...very informative and i have learned an awful lot from it.


Thanks for taking the time and effort in providing a complete novice with some very good info......well done.

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you should NEVER wash out a carcass with water [its ok to wipe it out with a damp new cloth]

if you wash it out with water you transfer bacteria to the hole of the carcass [bacteria bloom]

when i hang my deer i will cut away any damage wipe it out with a damp new cloth [water and viniger 50/50]

i don't want to upset or disagree with anyone this is how i was taught on my small game and large game[deer] wild game meat handling course [lantra awards]

i hang muntjac for a week roe for week to 10days and fallow for 2 weeks at 6c

its good to see some one else butcher up a deer and this is very similar to how i would do it

good technique used imho


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