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22-250 with 53gr and N140

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Morning all,

Looking for some wisdom on the above load. The rifle is a tikka M55 with a 20"  12 twist sassen barrel.

I have a start load for N140 using vhit data so no problem there. I was just wondering if there was a better powder to gain as much velocity in the short barrel. Don't want to run to hot and accuracy is the main aim just don't want to lose to much speed.

Thanks in advance.


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Yes, i use RS52 and also N135 , the N135 shoots tighter groups and for 34 grains i'm getting 3450 FPS with a 20" barrel, the RS52 is faster by a couple 200Fps, but its the accuracy that kills ,not the speed.

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Thanks for the replies

Justin, i know its a different cartridge but what kind of powder weight where you using to get 3800fps?

Kevgun, what kind of groups are we talking. This is purely a truck gun for foxes, .2s are not really needed. It would be nice but I'm willing to sacrifice a bit in groups size for some speed.




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You can get under 1 Moa with Both, but the Vit N135 is0.5-6 Moa  i haven't had any Foxes complain that it's not fast enough though. i limit myself to 300 yards, so not really a problem.

anyway good luck.

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I have just looked and I can’t find my old load data for the 22br and can’t remember the actual load, what I do remember though was that around 3800 was max speed but that wasn’t the accuracy node. I used to run it at the accuracy node and it was bench rest accurate. The 22BR will perform just as well as a 22-250 but does that using much less powder. 

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