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Lasers - Trijicon Ventus the next generation

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Early days yet, but here’s the future - wind reading capabilities by LIDAR. The specs are not too impressive yet - 5k ranging and out to 500m wind reading but give it a few years with more competition specs should get more impressive and prices go down ( still not bad for $8k). 


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Seen that myself , could be a winner, winner chicken dinner. Looks and sounds doable 😁 but expensive 

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Lee, I was on the trijicon website  having just bought a SRO red dot and noticed this on some YouTube feeds. I hope to get a butchers at it at the IWA if they are there. If it is that good it will be copied by everyone. I wonder how they have managed LIDAR and Doppler at that price point - don’t know if it is 3D wind reading or not.

The future anyway will be talking about work flow and how something like this will talk to the ballistic calc in the scope ( Steiner mx7i). The turrets will be there like the sport mode in a dsg  gearbox. 


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