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Looking at kestrel 5700 ballistic vs 5700 applied ballistics, apart from not storing as many guns and not having drop scale factor which really only matters when shooting at transonic ranges,the main differences is custom curves,is it worth spending the extra money to get custom curves,how much better is it than G7 BC shooting out to 1000y any real world information would be grateful.


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G7 is perfectly adequate and you can tune it from there. You can''t tune the BC on a custom curve. 

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G7 is fine.

Interestingly, a recent survey of the top PRS shooters in the US overwhelmingly favour using G7 instead of custom curves. 
These chaps (and chapesses) have all the latest gear and would almost certainly use a custom curve IF they felt its better than G7.

So it suggests to me that G7 is doing a good enough job for anything out to 1000m.

Always worth trying a custom curve though and comparing it against a G7.0

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I'm using custom curves on a Garmin 701. I was using G7 on Strelok. Using Sierra 150 Tipped Match Kings there's not much difference worth worrying about to 600m, there is a small difference at 1000m and once transonic the Custom Curves were definitely more accurate. 

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