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Strelok Pro question

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My rifle has a 20moa rail fitted when it comes to  inputting data for for the scope center to barrel center do I take the measurement from the center of the scope at the turret or the end above the barrel?

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Measure at the front

get a micrometer measure barrel width below the front of the bell, measure gap between bottom of scope bell and top of barrel, measure scope bell add together and divide by 2. 

I don’t think it is a critical measurement anyway. Done with a ruler by eye would probably do 


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Got that sorted my other two rifles are zero Moa rails but the other one has a 20 moa rail I'm intending to shoot out to 1000 meters so I'm thinking at that range it will make a difference?

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From memory the difference front to back on a typical 20moa rail is less than 2mm?

Don't sweat it 😏   

If you have time on your hands and want to convince yourself have a play with your calculator plus/minus 2mm and you will see the difference in output is miniscule especially as you are likely dialling in 0.1 Mil or 0.25 MOA increments.

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On 10/8/2019 at 6:59 AM, Matt234 said:


I emailed the developer regarding my question I've just received an email from him saying that the measurements is to be taken at the turret.

Thanks for that it’s good to know what they recommend. Variations in measurement (from turret to front of scope) would have more effect at close range 0 to 50m. with all other variables it would be lost at 1000m 

happy shooting 






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I've just working out how much I need to take off the front ring using shim steel and then zeroing again under the back ring so I've all my elevation available then I'm going to take the front ring and machine it to the required height sako rings Picatinny bass.

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